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Registration Fee - covers supplies and in-house field trips   $185.00*/annually






VPK Only families will be charged the same fee schedule upon late pick up beginning at 12:31 pm

* Non refundable fee





VPK wrap around care






5:31pm -5:40pm

5:41pm -5:50pm

5:51pm -6:00pm

After 6:00pm care




$1 per minute

Please note: All parents must sign a Tuition contract before the first day your child attends Saint Petersburg Christian Preschool.

All accounts are due every Monday.  The “grace period” extends through Tuesday.  Accounts are subject to a $15.00 late fee on Wednesday morning.  In the event tuition is two weeks in arrears and the debt is not paid, your child (ren) will be dismissed.  There is no reduction in tuition the few days of the year that the school is closed.  There will be no reduction for absences, an act of God closure such as storms and includes COVID-19 or other communicable disease except for the week of Christmas as the school is closed.  Parents continue paying tuition when children are absent for illness, vacation, or holidays.  This is to ensure his/her place is held on the attendance roll.  There will be a $15.00 fee for returned checks, credit cards and ACH returns from cards.  Following two returned checks, all monies must be paid with money orders including the $5.00 fee for not being on automatic withdrawal.

When your child’s last name is different than yours, please put their last name on the check to ensure proper credit to your account.  Checks and money orders are to be made payable to: SPC Preschool.  It is not necessary to put checks in envelopes.  We prefer no cash payments.  All payments go into the drop box by the office.  Please do not give your payment to the teacher. You may manage your account at by registering with your email address.


Please give two weeks’ notice in writing when terminating your child’s enrollment.  Tuition is in force until notification is received.  After notice is given, the last week’s tuition is due and payable on Monday on the last week of the child’s attendance.  Children are accepted on a 30-day trial basis.  We further reserve the option to dismiss a child because of behavior, which disrupts the learning process of the class.

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