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Food and Nutrition

MEALS AND SNACKS - Our food program includes breakfast, lunch and an afternoon
snack. This is included in the tuition price. We are part of the Child Care Food Program* and must abide by their regulations, etc. All children are given the appropriate food portions for their age and also offered more, whenever it is available. No outside food can be brought in for your child without prior permission. Exceptions will be made with a doctor’s recommendation and the Director’s approval. Milk is offered at lunch. If your child cannot have milk for health reasons, you must bring a note from your doctor.

FOOD ALLERGIES - If your child has food allergies or special food needs accommodations will be made. Please write any allergies on the enrollment form. Make sure to let your child’s teachers know. Make sure a doctor’s note is in the office. If your child is not allowed certain foods for religious or personal reasons, please document that through a written note.


COOKING PROJECTS - Many of the classes request food that will be used for special classroom cooking projects. These are learning activities and not regulated by the food program. Teachers tie the cooking project into the learning activities of the classroom for the purpose of enhancing the learning experience of your child.

*The Child Care Food Program is an equal opportunity provider.

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