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Young Students


7:30AM - 5:30PM

Girl with Crayons


Ages 2-3

Our Two's program allows children to learn through their curiosity, questioning, and social interactions.


Ages 1-2

Our Toddler program provides a safe, warm, nurturing, environment for your child to grow and learn.


Ages 3-4

Our Three's program provides an environment that is nurturing, safe, and encouraging for your child to explore and play.


Ages 4-5

Our PreK program provides your preschooler with activities and lessons that focus on social, emotional, physical, and intellectual needs.


Ages 4-5

The Voluntary Pre K program (VPK) provides prekindergarten funding in order to prepare our 4 year olds for kindergarten. The state funded program will pay licensed preschool providers who meet the qualifications for 540 hours of instruction. The program will provide funding for three hours a day for 180 days. Although the program will pay for the hours of 9:00 to 12:00 parents will be responsible for extended care or care that occurs before 9:00 and after 12:00 and all services provided outside of those hours including AM snack, lunch, and PM snack. Parents will pay an additional fee each week for extended care during the 180 days covered by the VPK program. There will be no more than three weeks during the year where parents will need to pay full price because VPK will not cover non-instructional days. The summer pre k program is not covered by the VPK program. Please see the VPK parent agreement forms regarding detailed information about the program. The VPK program monitors the attendance of the children. They must attend at least 80% of the program. Excessive absences may result in your child no longer being eligible to receive funding from the program.

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