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CLOTHING - Children are requested to wear “play clothes” to prevent them from getting their good clothes dirty. Playing is very messy work! Please make sure that your child always has a change of clothes in their cubby. Please put the child’s name in all clothing and other belongings to help ensure their safe return. We encourage independence in our children. A child can better attend to his/her own bathroom needs in garments that are easy for him/her to handle alone. Children will go outside each day if the weather permits. Please dress them accordingly. For safety reasons, it is important that your child wear closed shoes. Sandals may be worn if they have a back strap on them. This eliminates many falls that happen on the playground. Flip Flops are not an acceptable school shoe. They cause the most falls and injuries. When your child is toilet training, please dress him/her in easily removed clothing. We need to be able to change their clothing quickly in order to minimize instructional time. Dressing your child in clothing that has no buttons, buckles, or belts helps us a lot. We must have several changes of clothing (3 sets) and lots of pull-ups or underwear. Please label everything including jackets and shoes.


FIRE DRILLS - Saint Petersburg Christian Preschool performs a fire drill each month for the safety of your children. Evacuation routes are posted in each classroom and in the office. Drills are scheduled at all hours of the day and during all types of activities in order to ensure that children know what to do in every possible situation. If you happen to be here when the fire alarm is going off, please exit the building with the classes and wait for the clearance to return to the building.

EMERGENCY SCHOOL CLOSING - Perilous weather conditions may cause closings or delays at the preschool. We typically mirror the decisions made by Pinellas County School in these matters. Parents may check the PCS website
and monitor TV Channel 9 (Bay News 9). If the Pinellas County Schools will be closed, the preschool will also be closed. In the case of the preschool closing early, emails will be sent out. Please make sure that your child’s teacher and the office have your email
to ensure that you are notified. We also have an Emergency Notification System for you to join for events such as this.

REST PERIOD - All children will be given a rest period. Sleeping is not mandatory, but children must rest quietly on their cots. The center will provide cots and sheets. Each classroom has a different list of things that the children can bring to nap with. Please consult the teacher to find out details and expectations. We ask that parents respect each individual teacher’s expectations.

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